How To Make Single Name On Facebook Account – 2018

Facebook is one of the most famous social networking sites. We can share photos, music, videos and many other things on Facebook with our friends and family. It keeps people who are far from each other connected. Facebook has a lot of features. Many hackers, testers and programmers love to find bugs. They try to test successful sites like Facebook because they provide bounty for it. Due to this reason there are number of tips and tricks available for Facebook. Today here we are going to discuss one of best tricks in all Facebook tricks about using single name on Facebook. In other words about hiding last name or using on one word name on Facebook. Have you ever seen that a person has only single Name ie. First Name on their profile, or there is no Last Name? If yes, and you want to do the same, then here we are going to explain you the method to make single name on Facebook account easily, by doing little changes in browser settings.

How To Make Single Name On Facebook Profile.

We have listed the article into two parts.

  • In first part you have to change some Proxy Settings in your browser.
  • In the second part we will teach you steps To Make Single Name On Facebook.

Part 1: Change Proxy Settings.

Before proceeding further, to make single name on Facebook account first of all we have to change Proxy Settings manually in the browser’s settings.

Manual Process.

  • If you know how to change Proxy Settings in Browser manually, only set it to an Indonesian Proxy.

Automatic Process.

  • If you face any problem while changing proxy settings or don’t know how to change it, there is a simple method of using proxy without configuring settings of your browser. Just download and install Hola Internet VPN.

  • You can install Hola Internet Extension in your chrome or Mozilla browser and then find and select Indonesia country from the Hola.
  • Now it will automatically change your proxy settings to Indonesian Proxy and you do not have to change it manually.

PART 2: Steps To Make Single Name On Facebook Profile.

After doing the above all steps changing proxy settings, check it is working fine on Facebook or not. If the proxy is not changed properly, you cannot make single name account so make sure it is working properly.

  • Now Open your Facebook Profile >> In Account Settings.
  • Change the language to Bahasa Indonesia.
  • Now change your profile First Name what you want to make then remove the last name from the box and click on review changes.

  • After doing the above steps now you will see there is only First Name the last name will hide from your profile.

Now after completing all steps remove your manual proxy or turn off Hola extension and change your Facebook language to English (US) or any other. Now you are done.

Note:- This single name on Facebook tricks will not works if your name change limit is full or you have 60 day time period limit. In such condition try it on fresh account.

We hope you will try this amazing single name on Facebook trick and hopefully able to make your account unique.

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